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Collaborative Partnerships and Mission-Critical Components

Throughout our history, Morrissey, Inc. has partnered with diverse customers across industries. Together, we've produced mission-critical parts and components that serve vital functions, reaching locations worldwide. We serve as the backbone for over 140 clients spanning 30 industries. United by a shared commitment to excellence, these industries rely on Morrissey for the pillars of Quality, Precision, Expertise, and Service.

Whether it's a brief run or a monumental order, we rise to the challenge, providing solutions for 10 parts or 10 million. Our expertise extends across industries, empowering us to tackle the most intricate metal manufacturing demands, supported by our engineering, tooling, and production prowess.

Explore our portfolio showcasing components crafted for diverse sectors:


Aerospace components ranging from shims, flanges, housings, heavy gage brackets, covers, welded assemblies, and electro-mechanical locks, all while accommodating various material specifications.

Small arms

We're DDTC certified with an FFL Class 7 and manufacture quality mil spec metal stampings, bipods, receivers, and magazines for the Small Arms industry.


Our ability to rapid prototype and move quickly and efficiently into production makes us the perfect partner for the robotics industry. We specialize in enclosures, brackets, covers, & more.

Air and Water Filtration

Working with the leaders in automotive and aerospace filtration, we are a partner in the development of new products like filter frames, covers, and screens.


We produce a diversity of parts including complex, multiple step stampings, and heavy assemblies. Our parts are in fields all over the world.


At Morrissey, we have experience in manufacturing a diverse range of components for the HVAC industry and are a longtime trusted partner.

Food Service Equipment

Food Service Icon

We make a range of complex components from dispensers and large kitchen equipment to smaller equipment parts.

Aftermarket Automotive

We have a long history working in automotive, from simple single-process shims to large assemblies involving multiple steps and processes. Our ability to produce both short and long run tooling gives us a great advantage in automotive.

Power Transmission

From shims, sealing covers, and brackets, we make components for both the wind and solar industries as well as major components for electrical utilities.

Medical Technology

Producing a range of parts that require high tolerances and multiple materials for devices like pacemakers. Our ability to produce prototypes and move right into production makes Morrissey an excellent partner for the medical industry.

Our Certifications

We earned our ISO certification in 1994 and maintain our own tooling to allow us to respond rapidly to customer needs and requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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